I have an android phone that is experiencing an issue that I suspect is hardware related. Randomly, service will no longer work on the phone and the only way I have found to temporarily resolve the issue is to dial *#*#4636#*#* and manually turn the radio back on. This will restore functionality, but only temporarily. It seems to be indeterminate when it stop working again.

I can't think of a good methodology to pinpoint the issue, so any insight would be helpful


If you are able to turn on immediately by your manual method, then it seems to be a software issue.

Did you try a factory reset? It resolves most of software issues.

  • I did perform a factory reset and that solved the issue. But in the same way an amputation fixes a hangnail. I'm still curious what exactly was happening. – Ethan McCue Sep 27 at 3:34
  • Software issues are random and may come up anytime, Especially when there are loopholes (which are many in case of Android, Reference: scmp.com/tech/social-gadgets/article/1835424/…) So, These loopholes are main reason of such random problems and these are usually fixed by a factory reset. – Zubair Younas Sep 28 at 6:16

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