So, I have a Galaxy Note 9 here and I record pokemon go videos for YouTube. As I was recording my last video, my memory got full on my phone (no sd card) and my phone asked me if I would like to back them up to the cloud and remove them from the device. Its recommended to only do this on wifi, but I stupidly said yes even though I was not home and on data only. Now all the videos i was working on before recording my most recent one are gone... kind of. The videos I need still appear in my photos app but not in my gallery, and my computer basically acts like they never existed in the first place when I try to get them off my phone. My computer will usually read things that are in my gallery or files without much issue. So, how can I get all of my videos from my photos app to my gallery app? I'd rather not delete files for fear of screwing something else up. Help!

  • I'm not sure if Galaxy Note 9 using Google Photos app, but I assume all of your videos (and also probably photos) were synced to online cloud storage and the local files on the phone were deleted. That's why you can still see them on the Photos app (also shows synced files), but not on Gallery (only local files). Without knowing your specific Photos app, there should be a way to download the videos to your phone again, or even browse the videos from the PC (e.g. Google Photos for Web). – Andrew T. Sep 23 '19 at 17:53

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