I have observed that an Android device (I have tested on Mi 6 Pro) will regain the performance which have been deteriorated for some months after I have switched off the phone for 5 minutes and then turn ON the device, the performance increases a lot.

I want to know why this happens and how this internally works?

Any explanation would be appreciated!

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    How do you measure the performance increase? Is it your observation or do you use a benchmark app? – Robert Sep 25 '19 at 13:21
  • Mostly because memory management and power management are subtle when used long term. Apps when activated believe you will use them again, and do not "turn off", but use something like "sleep", to preserve state for near instantaneous return to service (and the last place) for the customer satisfaction. This reserves resources that could be better allocated. Large inactive-app-driven caches use space that current apps require. Restarting the phone clears the vestiges of the inactive, until, of course, the user calls them up again, to start the process all over, ad infinitum. – wbogacz Sep 25 '19 at 13:25

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