So currently working at a place that is slightly overstaffed and sometimes I would like to work more than I'm rostered for but it's often near impossible to find more shifts because everyone else has the same problem. So all staff have an app where they can check their roster and also essentially put their unwanted shifts on an open market where other users can take them, but this works on a first come first serve basis so the only way is to camp the app 24/7 or just get really lucky.

I'm aware that Tasker can emulate screen touches and such but how the app works is I need to choose a day that I want to work, and then open the "market" and the app will then retrieve other people's unwanted days and display them for me to take. Due to the need to load from the server theres a variable delay and also there may be multiple shifts on the same day so I'm looking for a solution to automate this process that is able to check that the shift times are what I want before performing the next automated action.

I'm thinking running an emulator on desktop and learning whatever language I need to write my own little script to run 24/7. Complete beginner to programming so need advice in terms of what language and maybe other methods of doing this.

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