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My goal: to find a way to force all internet traffic (including cellular ie LTE) into my OpenVPN server, except for apps on a whitelist. Whitelisted apps either connect to a second VPN or SOCKS proxy (option preferred), or not be connected to a tunnel at all (a "normal" connection).

For example, try out the ProtonVPN application (which, by the way, I recommend). There is an option to whitelist apps from the VPN. This is what I want, but for my own server.

Root is definitely not preferred, but if it's the only option, then I guess I'll accept it. Multiple profiles are also not preferred, but if it allows some apps to be over VPN and others not, then I will also accept that (but I would like system apps to be blocked in that case).

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How about "OpenVPN for Android" made by schwabe.

It has per app connection setting by whitelist or blacklist, though it doesn't support second VPN or SOCKS proxy for the excepted apps.

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