I have a Acer liquid Z530 phone which is showing ph memory full for long and now its using SD card as storage. I can access the SD card and files in it from my PC but can never see the files in Ph memory (internal memory) using my PC. I used developer and debug mode (as shown i you tube) nothing works. Its showing the ph stogare has 0GB available but when I go to internal storage there are many folders like Android, DCIM, obb, Recording, AOP, MyFavourite, WhatsApp, Pictures etc but each of the is empty. Still the storage is full. Could anyone help me with valuable advice on how to see the files and data inside the internal memory (ph storage) Thank you

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    Possible duplicate of Not all files are visible over MTP – Irfan Latif Oct 3 '19 at 12:53
  • Via adb and MTP you can only see the "public" part (historically often called "sdcard" section) of your smartphone. The app private data is not accessible to you only the apps them-self can access the data stored in the app-private section (data/data/...). – Robert Oct 3 '19 at 13:16

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