I am using a terminal, Termux, and Qute. The terminal Qute shows me a path data/user/0/com.ddm. In the file manager Cx File explorer I am not able to find them. In Android folder, there is a data folder with a lot of folders called com.something, as com.dropbox.android, but not the above cited folder, idem for folders of Termux. How can I find the wanted folders in file manager?

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    First is /data/ and latter is /data/media/0/Android/data/. Names are same but those are different directories. If you want to access /data/user/0/ from some file explorer, you need root access. If you just want to copy some files, do that from within Qute app, e.g. using cp command. – Irfan Latif Oct 3 at 18:34
  • @Irfan Latif Thanks so much. Do you know if it's possible to create and directories that are in the visible part of the phone with a non rooted Android terminal? – kouty Oct 4 at 13:35
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    Visible part for non-root apps is /sdcard. Yes you can create directories there provided that the app owns storage permission. – Irfan Latif Oct 4 at 21:10
  • @Irfan Latif very good thank you. – kouty Oct 6 at 16:30

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