I have installed TWRP through Odin, then I booted it. I only seen it, I haven´t done anything, just rebooted to the system again, and it got stuck on trying to boot the system.

It's Samsung J7 Prime with Oreo, Odin 3.13 and TWRP-3.2.3-For-Galaxy-J7-Prime.tar

So, what the hell? Why is it not booting? Any idea?


Can you boot into TWRP? If you can I would try these steps:

  • Boot into TWRP

  • Once TWRP is booted you first need to wipe your /data partition or go into Wipe > Advanced Wipe and make sure Data is ticked then swipe to wipe.
    If this is your first boot into TWRP: swipe Wipe > Format Data from left to right and follow the instructions displayed onscreen.

  • Once it's finished go back to the home screen and swipe Reboot > Recovery from left to right. TWRP should be able to mount your data partition.

  • Now flash the no-verity-opt-encrypt zip you downloaded from this link, put it on an SD Card and flash it by going to Install > %zip location% This zip prevents your phone from bootlooping since Android Oreo uses dm-verity to prevent modification to the system.

  • You are (hopefully) now able to reboot to your OS without bootlooping.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Joe. I was in the process that led me to wiping, but I didn't want to wipe, so I tried to do anything else. As soon as I ran out of hope I can preserve the data, I wiped it. And it was back to normal. – Ketersis Oct 5 '19 at 16:33
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    wipe is just necessary for fixing problems with decryption - if your twrp does mount your data partition successfully, you can continue with installing no-verity.zip without wiping data – alecxs Oct 6 '19 at 6:38

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