I have an audiobook application, I have downloaded audiobooks which are only accessible inside application, and last time I checked I was able to find audio files of books in my phone's music folder, but now that I have updated the application I cannot find any files in my whole phone's internal memory, although in application I can see the books are downloaded and I can listen to them. There is also an option of "deleting files from phone" near each book's section.

Now my question: how can I find audio files of the books in my phone's storage? My phone is Samsung galaxy A8+ and android version 9.0.

PS: I have already paid for the book so this is not thievery!

  • Since you mentioned that previously it was on the phone's music folder, you might need to check if there's a setting inside the audiobook app to choose the location of the stored books. Music folder is a public folder, so anyone (you and all other apps) can access it, but each app also has internal storage that can only be accessed by the app itself or by root user. If the app decides to store there, then you need root access to access that location. – Andrew T. Oct 7 at 3:28

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