Is there a way to create a whitelist for apps in stock android?

Ie. I would like to limit what apps are possible to launch, for example by password protecting them. Anything resembling kiosk modes or family locking is of interest.

If possible I would like to accomplish this without third party apps.

  • "Stock Android" is not really specific since each manufacturer can customize its Android and called it "stock ROM" and might add this feature to their stock ROM, unless you mean AOSP/vanilla Android. Android itself provides dedicated devices, though I'm not sure if the use case is suitable for you. – Andrew T. Oct 8 at 14:34
  • However, some possibly related questions that might be of interest: How to disable third-party apps?, Enable and disable system apps via ADB – Andrew T. Oct 8 at 15:05
  • Why don't you setup a Guest or secondary user account and configure it? Given your requirement I suppose you want to share your device with an another person. – Firelord Oct 9 at 1:39

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