We have had the recent uninspired idea to let a SmartPhone upgrade itself to the "Pie" Version of the "Google" "Android" Operating System.

The "_Software Information_" Pane

Now, although everything went smoothly, we have discovered to our utter amazement that we are no longer able to close a Mobile Software Application at once. We are able only to close all of the running Mobile Software Applications at once.

The "_Close All_" Pane

No matter how much we have been searching so far, there is no obvious individual "Close" Button for each Mobile Software Application in this Latest Version.

Does anybody know how to close them individually, in a gentle way? We are not referring to any Forced Closures by means of terminating them.

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As mentioned in the comments the way to close individual apps in the Samsung One UI is to simply "swipe" that app away.

The two gestures I have here are swiping up on the app to close it or swiping down to maximise it.

  • Swiping doesn't actually close the app. – Irfan Latif Oct 9 at 17:51
  • We would like to thank Mokubai, the Two Commentators which Comments have already been deleted from below the Text of the Original Question, and @Firelord for their gentle support. We have another Tablet Personal Computer that is currently running the Google Android Operating System Version 8.0 Code-Named "Oreo". It bears an individual "Close" Button for each Mobile Software Application and - with your help - we have discovered that it also supports a Left-to-Right Swipe Gesture on their Title Bars that also produces the closing of the Mobile Software Applications. – DOBRESCU_Mihai Oct 9 at 18:57
  • The answer I gave was specific to Samsungs One UI. Stock Android or other user interfaces from Huawei or other manufacturers may well have differences or other changes as you have noticed. If you would like you can edit my answer to add additional possibilities but I cannot currently test as i only have access to Samsung devices. – Mokubai Oct 10 at 6:53
  • We do not know if you were addressing us, @Mokubai, but, indeed, both the SmartPhone and the Tablet Personal Computer that we were talking about are Samsung Mobile Electronic Devices. The question that naturally arises under these circumstances is why was there a need to change the Swipe Direction for Individual Closing Action of the Mobile Software Applications from Left-to-Right (in Oreo) to Down-to-Up (in Pie) for the same Hardware Producer (Samsung) and for the same Software Producer (Google). Naturally, in time, their users will eventually simply go mad after such updates. – DOBRESCU_Mihai Oct 11 at 21:25

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