I want flash a new OS onto my so xperia tipo because android 4.0.2 is old and slow so I want to flash a more up to date and lightweight mobile OS. However this requires root and whenever I try to hold the volume up button and put the USB in to put into fast boot mode as stated on the Sony website it just starts charging instead. I have pulled my hair out over this and would hope anyone could offer any help.

  • What "lightweight mobile OS" are you planning to install? From todays perspective Android 4.0.2 is extremely lightweight. Additionally you should consider that apps have grown over the last years and therefore any app you will install may destroy the "lightness" of your OS (if you manage to find an OS more lightweight than your current one). A seven years old smartphone with 512MB RAM and a single core CPU is not a good base for a fast system... – Robert Nov 11 at 16:01

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