I have a samsung Galaxy S6 that I recently bought on occasion. Since I have it, I am faced with a strange problem. Indeed, There are 4 applications that keep installing themselves in my device. - Crobiologia -SmartLink -Clean Master -Machinery I made a factory reset several times thinking that the problem will be solved but it persists. I even reduced the data in the background of the phone but nothing changes these application is still installed and I balance advertising popups that 'display the button "close" only after a certain time! In addition I feel that it affects my battery a lot so I do not really know what to do to prevent these applications do not settle. I do not even know what is the responsible application of all this.

I tried to root Samsung vmon to do some manipulation but no common application can do it. So I'm overwhelmed! Need help please what should I do to stop all this? I am under Marshmallow


  • You can't do much except to upgrade your OS to a recent version (find a custom ROM), or to buy a new device with latest Android version. Your Android, old and installed in larger number of devices, is a prime target for attackers and system level or kernel level vulnerabilities would keep your device open to such abuse. – Firelord Oct 12 at 14:20

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