I previously asked this question before, in a since-delete account, but now the cases has increased to 2 with no change in my usage. So... I'm trying to figure out what, in my workflow, is causing MicroSD Cards in my phone to fail.


Approximately 3-5 months after the having installed the MicroSD Card, it is working fine the night prior (reading, writing, syncing, no errors). Next morning (~10-Noon), realize images will no longer save, the filesystem is not accepting write, move, or delete commands, from any built-in or installed file manager or application, despite having a few dozen GB of space to spare. While data is still viewable, it is functionally read-only. Attempting to format and insert into a computer yields failure to do so (Windows or Ubuntu). Plugging-In phone via USB shows the Internal Storage, but fails to open.



To automatically back-up and sync my files in a zero-cost, internet-independent manner, I use a program/App called "Syncthing." It syncs 6 folders between the 3 devices, containing ~75,000 (342.0 GB) of files.


Monday-Friday I go to work, both computers turned off (Syncthing usually still running on the Moto G6, but not noticably draining battery). I'll take some photos during the day, save a few documents, and maybe watch some videos during lunch. Come home, turn the Inspiron on, and let it sync up. On the Inspiron, I'll work on some documents, mainly organizing pictures and writing code. Maybe reading some papers. All of these changes are instantly synced to the Moto G6. This usually expands to the weekend. The ThinkPad is usually turned on during this time to keep a "Cold Backup," as I have little use for it for the time.

[Side Notes]

  • I only ever charge the Moto G6 (or any device) with the from-the-box fast-charger, once a day (when I go to bed).
  • It is remotely possible that the phone experienced a moderately-extreme temperature during both failure. #1 was charging while sitting near a running air conditioner all night. #2 was under a window directly facing the sun for ~3 hours.
  • While the first card was unverified, I personally benchmarked and "filled" the second on my computer to verify. It met all listed specifications and usable capacity.
  • Upon further research, I DID note that the Moto G6 only (officially) supports 256 GB Cards (not 400). However, I am at a loss as to how that issue would take months to manifest.


The first failure, I wrote-off as a manufacturing defect, ordered another one, and considered it a non-issue. When it happened again this morning, I had to start considering that some aspect of my setup and usage is killing the Cards. However, I have no idea what, and I am timid to buy another if I should have to expect this to happen again in during the holidays.

Should I expect a fault in my phone's hardware or software, a cross-platform virus, or is my use case something that the hardware was simply never designed for?

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