My question is, which module does the AP receive modem-side information from the phone? The Android system receives information such as RSCP values from the modem side, and you want to know which module this module is the source of. I looked at the Android9.0 system mainly.

Is the communication with the modem different from the Android source supported by Google? I would like to inform you a little bit about how the Android system receives modem information from the smartphone system that re-enables the CPU provided by Mediatek Company.

  • Communication with modems on Android devices is not open to public, at least not well documented. Vendors uses Android's RILD reference implementation to build their own proprietary code which may use traditional AT commands or some vendor-specific language e.g. QMI to communicate with modem. You may however use Android APIs to get required information from modem (if supported by APIs, proprietary RILD binary blob and modem). In this case the question is more development related. See this: stackoverflow.com/q/14585159/9165920 – Irfan Latif Oct 14 at 13:44

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