On my rooted stock ROM LG G2 D802 KK 4.4.2 minimum brightness is actually 50 (not 0) on a scale from 0 to 255.

Here is my dumpsys power

POWER MANAGER (dumpsys power)

Settings and Configuration:

Display Controller Configuration:

I tried editing build.prop, adding ro.lcd_min_brightness=20 but no luck, if I edit /sys/class/backlight/brightness to a value lower than 50 brightness stays at default minimum even if brightness slider is over minimum.

Where should I look for this hardcoded 50 minimum value? Framework.apk, kernel, SystemUI.apk...?

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If I edit my brightness value manually, it won't go below the minimum, and I have never figured out why. If I use the app brightness tweak however, I can lower it all the way to one. You can find the app on xda labs, I hope it's compatable with jellybean. I also hope this helps you.

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