Ok so.

We use Spektrix, a ticketing system which allows you to scan barcodes straight into the webpage via a scanner, what I want to do is have a scanner app running in the background that scans the image and automatically sends it straight to the webpage that's requesting it. I can type in the barcode manually by pressing a small icon on the webpage but with a scanner device it just receives it straight which is obviously much quicker.

We use Spektrix which is cloud based, we just login at a special webpage and off we go, each barcode is checked against our database for validity.

The webpage we use allows input of barcode automatically from a scaner device, is there a way to replicate that using the phone's camera? As SeeTickets do with their iOS app?

Any help is greatly appreciated. None of the common apps seem to do what I want/need.

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    Special scanner devices usually pretend to be a keyboard entering the scanned barcode numbers, therefore you can simply connect them via USB without needing a special app. For a phone camera based solution you need to aim on the barcode therefore at least a small UI element is helpful. However it is unclear how the communication between Spektrix in the web browser and the reader app works. Therefore I assume you can't just use any qr-code app. Hence you should better ask the Spektrix support. – Robert Oct 15 at 14:08
  • Appreciate the insights, Robert. Spektrix say some of their customers have made it work before but because they officially only support a specific type of scanner they won't help or advise. Unofficially they have no idea how people made it work... – Jazz Hyde Oct 15 at 17:16

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