I have a new Xiaomi Mi A3 mobile. I have used a cheap quality memory card with unknown manufacturer. The memory card was bought 4-5 years back when I inserted it in new phone then I could format the memory card to use as internal memory to store apps etc. However a friend took mobile and he formatted it to store photos etc. Later on the card stopped being detected in the phone. I tried inserting the card in a card reader and creating partition using diskpart utility on Windows 10. However the card is giving troubles and is some times detected and some times not detected in memory card reader. While formatting it gave me errors like directory name is invalid. I use diskpart utility some times it is able to list card some times it is not what more should I check. It is not able to format the memory card. I read some where memory cards are exfat file systems. Let me know how can I format it to use in android version 9 as exfat file system. Right now I am struggling to format it as ntfs even I am not sure if Android 9 can read NTFS in memory card of 128 GB. I am running Windows 10 and have Linux in VMware so can try things from Linux if it can help.

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