I'm using the latest version of bluestacks & whatsapp. I have a graphical issue in landscape mode - whatsapp doesn't scale the background-Image at all & always saves it as a vertical image. So i get a pixelated mess.

I thought that I can forcefully set this image with the correct aspect ratio, so that landscape mode wont flip out that much.

But herein comes the first problem : BlueStacks hides all of its data & makes it not accessible even for Root privileged Applications. E.g SDCard Folder is displayed as empty, despite the Wallpapers file location pointing to the SDCard folder (sdcard/Whatsapp/Media/WallPaper/number.png).

So I ditched graphical Explorers and installed Termux. With tsu I was then able to view the contents of the sdcard. I then deleted the Wallpaper that was displaying in the gallery from (sdcard/Whatsapp/Media/WallPaper/number.png), but whatsapp still had the background image , even after a restart.

So to summarize

  1. Can I force a different aspect ratio on a background Image?

  2. Can I replace the background Image with a different image & will Android / Whatsapp still point to that & take that as the new background image?

  3. Where can I find the background Image / how can I search for it ?
  4. Can I make the GUI Explorers also see the files that only Termux was able to show ? (Root permission didn't allow/ make them display anything)

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