This seems like it should be simple. I have been using Waze for years and "want" to switch to Maps, but haven't for this single reason. I like to view my maps while in navigation mode in 2D. The Google Maps 3D mode isn't true 3D anyway, and I just don't like it. However, the only way I can find to do navigation in Maps in 2D is when I check the "Keep Map North Up" option turned on. If I turn it off (uncheck) this option, Maps will revert to the fake 3D mode during Navigation. What I want is to be able to do what I can easily do in Waze, that is view my map in 2D while navigating, but NOT lock the map in North UP mode. I prefer "Track Up", where the map rotates automatically so that the direction you are going is always facing up on the map. Anyone know if this can be done in Google Maps, and if so, how to do it?

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