I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9515L "jfvelte") running Lineage OS 16. It has a broken touchscreen which register random "ghost" touches.

I'm able to use it with the help of a USB mouse. To disable the touchscreen I use adb to open a shell on /dev/input and remove event3, which disables the touchscreen (renaming or moving the file doesn't work, only removing it) - until reboot.

How do I keep it disabled even after reboot? Preferably, I'd like a way that I can enable it later if I ever want to.


Turn's out there's init.sh support on Lineage (content of /etc/init.d/90userinit):

# call userinit.sh if present in /data/local

if [ -e /data/local/userinit.sh ];
   log -p i -t userinit "Executing /data/local/userinit.sh";
   /system/bin/sh /data/local/userinit.sh;
   setprop lineage.userinit.active 1;

So I wrote a bash script that removes the /dev/input/event3 on boot, thus It disabling touch input on boot time:


rm /dev/input/event3

If I ever need to re-enable touch input, I can simply remove the bash script.

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