I'm trying to setup Google Assistant Routine for my wake-up alarm. Whenever I create 2 or more custom commands, they tend to change after saving. I'm trying to add 2 commands: continue music and turn do not disturb off (both these commands are correct and work fine with Google Assistant). But whenever I press the save button and check them back, one of them changes to the other one. So I'm only getting either 2 do not disturb off or 2 continue music.

The question is: am I doing something wrong? Maybe I don't understand something about Google Assistant Routines?

My device is Xiaomi Mi A1 with latest Android 9 installed.


I get the same behaviour on Pixel 3 XL. Clearly a bug. A workaround is create a new Google routine containing all the things you want to do, and activate that single routine in the clock app.

  • Don't remember this helping me. Gonna check it.
    – ymdred16
    Dec 19 '19 at 6:55

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