(TL;DR, skip directly to 4. Questions)

I have a problem which I though would require a qualified input.

I will try to explain briefly:

  1. what the current situation is,
  2. what the desired situation is,
  3. how I intend to get there and
  4. where I would appreciate some help.

1. Situation:

• Device: Samsung Note 4

• Device model: SM-N910C (as the the PRODUCT NAME field in Odin Mode indicates; please confirm)

• It's been in a bootloop since August (loads the SAMSUNG boot screen, then starts optimizing 2/2 apps and restarts)

Odin v3.13.1 downloaded

Odin Mode entered (VOLUME DOWN + POWER + HOME)

• Downloaded (from SAMMOBILE) all the possible latest firmware for SM-N910C and the country of purchase (Bulgaria) (there were 4 codes - BGL, GBL, MTL, VVT - so 4 .zip files in total, 2GB+ each)

2. Objective:

Get out of the bootloop successfully, and

Recover my personal data (app data, personal files, etc.) since I don't have any backups

3. Next steps:

(as far as I know)

• First, try to figure out which of the 4 zip files downloaded from SAMMOBILE matches exactly my device

• Second, extract the pertinent archive and get 5 files (BL, AP, CP, CSC_ and HOME_CSC_)

• Third, add the BL, AP, CP and HOME_CSC_ files each to its respective field in Odin (HOME_CSC_ is what will preserve my personal data in contrast to CSC_ which will wipe it all)

• Fourth, in the Options tab select Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time only

• Then start Odin, let it work its magic and voilà!

4. Questions:

  1. How do you find the exact country code of a device which is in a bootloop?
  2. Why do I get only 1 .tar.md5 file instead of 5 (BL, AP, CL, CSC_ and HOME_CSC_) when I extract the .zip files I got from SAMMOBILE ?
  3. Where and how do you find the appropriate HOME_CSC_ file for you device so that you get to preserve you personal data after flashing with Odin?
  4. Is adding the 4 files (BL, AP, CL, HOME_CSC_) + selecting (only) Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time the only possible way to keep your data after using Odin?

Your help is greatly appreciated, I hope this thread would be of help to many people including me.

Thanks and have a nice day!

PS1: I read that for older devices (as in the case of Samsung Note4, I suppose) you get only 1 firmware file so, if correct, that would answer Question #2.

PS2: I read also that the single file for older devices does not reset app data and files. Is this correct? If so, then Questions #3 and #4 would also be answered.

PS3: I still would like to know which is the relevant country code in my case since there are 4 options (BGL, GBL, MTL and VVL).

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