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hello see the picture.

I took my smartphone with me and the battery was empty. When I recharged the device I got this typical SIM card message. Enter the PIN.

but unfortunately I didn't know the PIN anymore and couldn't use the device. how can I deactivate it under Android 9? without removing the SIM card from the sim card slot?

Under iOS system I can restart the device. just hold down the POWER button and activate the flight mode. then the "Enter SIM PIN" screen is gone.

Here's a little guide to what happened with me and it's not conveniently solved in Android system:

  1. insert one or 2 SIM cards into my Android device. Because not always my PIN notice, I have on the Android device in password manager app. The PIN is stored.
  2. go to friends or shop. sometimes it can happen that i am not always at home. and my android device has no more battery and device goes out.
  3. when I turn on the Android device
  4. the "Enter SIM PIN" screen appears
  5. now you don't want to enter SIM PIN or forgot it.
  6. unfortunately i can't access my password manager app because the "Enter SIM PIN" screen blocks the android home screen. You get stuck.

in this case I have to go home or ask people if they have a needle so I can remove the SIM card from the device.

I tested with Android 9 and compared it with iOS 10.

Can somebody test if Android 10 fixes it?

I still have a slight reminder that it can deactivate this "Enter SIM PIN" screen in Android 2 via flight mode, just as it can in iOS.


It depends of your device but usually you can find that settings under: Settings->Security&Location(or privacy, it depends)->Advanced (this is some times)->Sim card lock->Then sisable Lock Sim card option

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