I have a 10.or G mobile, almost a year old. I haven't done anything to the mobile -no root, no custom ROM, not even updates. So a month ago the mobile was working perfectly as a new one, but all of sudden the mobile turned off. At that time the battery was also pretty low around 15% so I thought that power was low and started charging it.

After an hour when I switch on the mobile it was blank. So after pressing the power button for a minute, it powered on (normally pressing the button for 5 sec would power on) but while powering on it would load till the 10.or logo halfway and then get stuck for around 3 seconds and then powers off. No matter how many times you power on the device, the same thing happens.

So it loads until the logo then gets stuck then shuts down.

But I can open recovery mode by pressing the volume up and power button.

P.S: It is a nonremovable battery model.

  • You can check if the boot behavior changes when you connect the device to a charger. May be the battery was battered by the deep discharge. – Robert Nov 15 '19 at 12:59

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