I turned off MIUI optimization and some features were lost and I can't retrieve them after I turn it on again.

  • I've done that but I still can't get back the MIUI 11 UI display Commented Nov 4, 2019 at 11:03

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You need to enable Developer options on your MI device. To unblock the developer options,

  1. Go to Settings >About, find the MIUI version and tap 7 times continuously.

  2. You could see a message “You have enabled developer option” once you have successfully done that.

  3. To access developer options, Goto Settings > Additional settings > Developer options.

  4. Now scroll down till the end to see the option to toggle MIUI Optimization. You’ll need to restart the device once you enable the option.

    • Even though it is just a toggle which we enable, it causes the way which the system behaves, in turn changes the way many apps behave.


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