I have some network problems in wireless connectivity at my place.

I have this idea that if I can keep my android mobile phone at a point in my room where I get the Wifi Signal properly and some app can be installed in Android or some mechanism exist by which I can use this Android phone to distribute wireless signals like a hotspot for same wireless network on which it is connected. (There is a Windows programme called mypublicwifi which can be used in similar way but for Windows desktops and other techniques exist for similar situations like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23168152/use-netsh-wlan-set-hostednetwork-to-create-a-wifi-hotspot-and-the-authenti)

if I can achieve the same via my android phone then my problem for connectivity will be solved.

Is there any such program like mypublicwifi or any other technique for android phones which can make the android phone a virtual access point while being connected to the wireless network?