Recently my TWRP/LineageOS enabled phone crashed and entered into a boot loop. Fortunately I could boot into TWRP and create a backup. However restoring the backup on an identical phone proofs to be difficult.

I've used two approaches:

  • complete restore: Other phone shows same boot loop issue

  • flash identical version of LineageOS and only restore /data: Phone boots up nicely but the lock screen does not accept the pattern I know was in place on the old phone

Regarding the latter, I have tried to set the identical pattern before restoring /data, set a different pattern and set a pin instead. The respective pattern/pin is valid at boot time, but the lock screen is still broken

Is there a way to disable the lock screen from within TWRP?

Note that at this point this is more a less a question of convenience as all important data is backed up online, so this is mostly about not having to reinstall and configure the phone and apps. Save for the SMS database, but from what I have seen it could still be restored manually

  • Thanks, deleting locksettings.db actually helped – Marcus Nov 5 '19 at 16:50

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