I have a directory with some .html files, some .jpgs, an index.html file, and some other stuff. If I drag the index.html into chrome (or other browsers) on my desktop PC this static/offline website will display in the browser and I can navigate the site without issues.

When I go to the same directory in Android Pie and open the same index.html file in Android-Chrome I get the error "file can't be found". I've tried other Android browsers with the same result.

In Android File Explorer the directory (and respective file) appear as:

/Internal Storage/my_site/index.html

How can I open a simple static offline HTML website on Android? Is there a specific app or browser I need to use?


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You need to enter in Chrome address bar file:///path/to/file. In case you aren't sure about the path use any file explorer that tells you the path.

In this case it is file:///storage/emulated/0/my_site/index.html

Also many file explorers including MiXplorer offer to open .html files with all supported apps (registered mime type):


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