For accessibility reasons, I want to create a dead spot on the bottom right corner of an Android Pie phone (Xiaomi Mi A3) so that touching it does nothing.

The phone comes with new style 2 button nav and pill shaped home button. I've tried to customize the nav bar with the "settings put secure sysui_nav_bar" trick and I've managed to get the buttons I want but cannot create a dead spot on the right side (or anywhere) because it always treats the left and right side as part of the nearest button, even if you add a "space" element there. The best I've come up with is

adb shell
settings put secure sysui_nav_bar "back;space,home,space,space,space;recent,contextual"

This creates a left-justified nav bar, with the contextual button on the right acting as a dead spot EXCEPT when the contextual icon actually appears.

What I need is an element that does nothing, or perhaps one that practically no app uses any more so it effectively does nothing. Is there such a thing?


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Simply removing the "contextual" part from your command seems to achieve what you need. i.e.

adb shell
settings put secure sysui_nav_bar "back;space,home,space,space,space;recent"

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