I found How can I mirror something on a PC's display to my Android's display?, but that's from nearly 7 years ago, and no-one's even commented on it, let alone given a useful answer.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me it shouldn't be a major technical problems to implement a cut-down version of remote control software like LogMeIn / Chrome Remote Desktop / TeamViewer / etc. I'm not exactly trying to control the TV remotely - I just want to replace the HDMI cable between my PC and TV with a trivial app on each end that will send the required video information wirelessly through my home WiFi.

I understand there are certain video players that can do something like this (using protocols such as ChromeCast, MiraCast), but what I want to send is just the entire PC display (whether it's currently running the VLC player in full-screen mode, showing the computer desktop, or whatever).

I don't even care about sending the associated audio information to the TV - that's always gone straight from the PC to my hifi ('cos imho TV speakers are never much good).

Is there anything out there that can do this? Or some clear-cut reason why it's simply not practical?

Note the capitalised OR in my title. If it saves me needing to run a video signal cable across my living room, I'd happily bring forward my planned migration from a Win10-based PC to one running Ubuntu.

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    Windows 10 has inbuilt cast support. I successfully casted a friend's laptop running Win10 on a Android TV plugged with a Miracast adapter. – Firelord Nov 15 '19 at 21:39

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