I have a android tablet that has no volume buttons, but has an unlocked OEM bootloader. I'm trying to flash a new rom, and after I run fastboot flashing unlock I am presented with a prompt that asks for me to press volume up.

Is there anyway to override this prompt? like -y or something?

I'm asking for a general solution as this problem happens to a lot of people from time-to-time. Whether it be from a broken rocker or from a device that has no volume buttons.

Edit: I didn't think to add the type of tablet, since none of you all would have heard of it. It is an eewrite e-pad pro by Wisky (sold by novadealshop) running Android 7.1.1. Any additional information about its specs can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/e_pad/comments/drmi5s/full_device_info_for_eewriter_epad_by_wisky/

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