Does anyone know of any method to access the ADB shell, the bootloader, or fastboot mode on the Kyocera Hydro VIEW while it will NOT boot to the Android OS?

Similar to the question here (Optimizing Apps: Why?), my Kyocera Hydro View has taken to optimizing the apps during every boot. Unlike in that question, however, it fails to load Android after optimizing the final app and just simply bootloops forever in this manner until the battery runs down.

Things I've tried:
VOL DWN + POWER, release, + VOL DWN
fastboot devices while device boots/optimizes [waiting...]
adb devices -l while device boots/optimizes [invalid transport error]
Checked with Kyocera for official procedure to get into bootloader/fastboot [no procedure]
YouTubed/Searched for bootloader procedure for numerous other Kyocera handsets

Things I've not tried:
Removing the non-removable battery, since the device is weather-sealed

Things I've read but can not confirm
Kyocera devices normally have a reset device pinhole. Can not confirm presence on this model

Why I need help with this
This is my only Android device and it runs apps I rely upon for my sUAS surveying. I'd like to be able to preserve userdata if possible [so many telemetry logs!], but even a reliable method to fully wipe/restore the device at this point would be welcome so I can at least make use of the device again.

Why I have not simply bought another device I bought this brand new/off-contract for $7. It is weather-sealed, tough, and returns long run-times when used for my sUAS survey and other field work.
I'd like very much to keep it for these reasons, if possible.

  • Anyone familiar with Kyocera handsets? – Saijin_Naib Mar 4 at 18:11

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