Was there any recent change in the way how Google Navigation shows what you should do next?

I've been using Google Navigation for years and I was more than sure that it shows every next move that a driver, biker or pedestrian should undertake in order to follow the track and reach the destination. Including all the trivial decisions, i.e. that you should go straight at the next junction.

Yet for about 2-3 months I can clearly see that (at least in my neighbourhood, southern Poland, if that matters) I am getting detailed move information only for some far points and many closer one are simply skipped.

Here is an example:

enter image description here

Car is a the junction, where it can turn left or right. Yet, green, detailed "next move" infobox (upper, left corner) is showing far, far move.

It is not showing:

  • closest turn,
  • move around first roundabout (behind "Chorzów Batory") on map,
  • move around second roundabout (close to the left corner).

Except for first (turn left) two remaining roundabouts had "go straight" order, so could be taken as "obvious". Yet, they were all shown a few months before (I am driving this way for past 10+ years).

It is completely pointless for me to use navigation like that, because instead of getting clear, big, green "next move" remark, I must always stare at the tiny map to see, what is actual next move, because "big next move" always shows me a step miles away.

What am I missing?

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