Okay, So I don't really know What's the appropriate section of StackExchange to post this question, But I'd like recommendations on that.

So i'm using new wireless earbuds that I bought earlier this week, And when i pair them to another phone (A Samsung Galaxy S10+ in this case) It seems to show battery information under the Bluetooth device's name. e.g(Battery : 100%)

Although, when i use the earbuds with my tablet (An extremely laggy and weak Lenovo tablet) It seems to show nothing under the Device's name... What can i do to make it show the Battery information? where can i get battery information about my Xiaomi earbuds?

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    According to this blog post battery status of Bluetooth devices is only showing on devices running Android 8.1 or higher. Older system requires an app like BatOn to show the info. – Robert Nov 23 '19 at 17:22

I have found the answer to this question, As User @Robert commented on my post, And i installed BatOn And now the battery usage shows up. Thank you!.

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