I have a tablet running Android 6. More than half of the applications on it are disabled, because I don't need them, but can't uninstall them (Cloud Print, Google Korean Input, Google Play Games, Google+, etc.)

The problem is that occasionally (once per week or maybe twice per month), Android updates those applications, which re-enables them. I need then to go manually disable the applications, which also means uninstalling their updates. With fifteen apps to disable, this is rather annoying.

Obviously, I can turn off auto-updates and then go update only the apps I need, but this seems even worse in terms of time being wasted.

Is there a way to keep auto-updates but ensure that either the disabled apps don't get updated, or if they are, they remain disabled?


  • Some resources explain that one needs to go to the app page. From there, “tap the menu button (three vertical dots) from the app's own page and you'll see an Auto-update option, which you can then disable.” However, there is no menu button (it appears only for the enabled apps which do have updates, and the only choice then is to uninstall the updates, not permanently disable them).

  • When I go to App Play once I disabled the apps that were re-enabled, in the Updates tab I have no updates for the disabled ones. A few days later, if I check, I still don't see any, but there may be updates available for the enabled apps.

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