A few months ago the SD card on my Android 6.0 phone stopped being recognized. I tried data recovery programs, not knowing the files were encrypted, and being very confused, failing in my effort. I did make an image file of the card. I sent the card to a data recovery firm.

After a few weeks where I 'forgot' the card as internal storage because it was somehow necessary to transfer certain app data, the data recovery firm informed me they did not know how to recover the data without my phone as the data is encrypted. I did not factory reset the phone by the way.

So I have an image file of the card and the data recovery firm is sending the card back. I tried formatting another 32 gb Samsung as internal storage and then burning the image onto it, and trying to read it, but it failed. I have a backup of the device on the google cloud (but not of photo's/files on the phone), but I'm not sure the key is in that backup. I'm afaid not.

Is it possible the key is in the cloud? Is it possible that if I get my original card back, format it, format it for internal storage, burn the image onto it or another card, that it will be read?

I'm super depressed about this, and would be very grateful for some advice. Would a hacker be able to solve this? I read the pin + the master key on Android are enough, and I haven't changed either.

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