I don't know if this depends on the music player (I'm using mort player music) or standby screen (I have widgetlocker app as lockscreen), I don't see any options in these apps to change this. In Android 2.3.4 (rooted) I have set turn off Display after 30 sec.

When I jump to next/forward song via remote control button of my headset, every time the display turns on for 30 sec. For the volume buttons the same.

Is there a way to stop this behaviour and save battery power. E.g. only turn on screen when pushing HOME or POWER button when in standby? Any apps like tasker able to manage this?

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I believe it depends upon the music player app. Have you tried using another music player?

In my case, I didn't encounter this issue. I have used Samsung Galaxy 3 with several music players including stock player and also with a Bluetooth headset.

I think the app itself is the cause for this, which is causing screen wake-up on next/previous, and in my opinion is a poor implementation.

I don't know of any apps which allow to change the screen on behavior like this. It may be available in Cyanogen-mod perhaps.

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