I am interested in using an Android device to serve as a Raspberry Pi (rPi) monitor as described in the blog: Raspberry Pi Display over USB. The goal is to be able to view / control the rPi from Android (VNC or SSH) through USB-IP:

  • power up rPi,
  • plug in your Android device into the rPi via USB,
  • turn on USB tethering
  • SSH or VNC into the rPI through USB and to a static USB0 IP via client app

Obstacles observed

The Kyocera E6790 TM is connected to the rPI with a micro USB cable. Attempts to switch on tethering returns:

enter image description here

It is not clear from tests that the rPi USB0 was \ was not assigned an IP address


My concerns are focused on turning on USB tethering in an iDevice:

  1. What is causing the error?
  2. What corrective action can be taken?

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