Last friday, my Samsung smartphone somehow performed a factory reset. I do not know why (it fell on the ground, or my son triggered something, but that does not matter now).

I noticed it when during booting, I saw the samsung letters and after that the 'let's get started' screen where I had to choose a language to setup the phone. I lost everything that was on my smartphone including some pictures. Most stupid of course, but I know I setup google photos to automatically backup my photos. However, when I checked google online, not 1 image was there so, I lost everything that was on my smartphone. I can live with that for most of the pictures but some I would like to get back somehow.

I tried to recover my data using several apps on my computer. dr fone for android, fonelab for android, easeus data recovery.

Dr Fone took some time before completing with saying nothing could be found because I do not have root access on my samsung smartphone.

I already looked into rooting the phone but as far as I could read, rooting would cause a data wipe which I do not.

Is there any chance / method to recover data from my phone and how should I do that? The device is a Samsung A6 SM-A600FN (2018).

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    Sorry for your loss but there's no way to recover deleted data without root access. Even with root access, after factory reset, chances aren't very high. Related: How to make a complete factory reset, without anyone being able to retrieve my data? You may contact some professional service but consider factors explained here: android.stackexchange.com/a/216410/218526 – Irfan Latif Dec 2 '19 at 10:28
  • As Irfan says, your data is most likely gone now. It's also worth pointing out that an auto wipe can often be triggered by incorrectly entering the passcode 10 times in a row. – Mr Ethernet Dec 2 '19 at 10:29
  • The trigger for auto wipe, is that a standard setting or does it have to be set by the user when configuring the phone? The auto wipe is the only reason I can come up with for this factory reset to occur. But I have not set that when I configured my phone. – DutchArjo Dec 2 '19 at 10:53
  • @DutchArjo that's not a standard settings on stock Android but OEMs can configure their ROMs to add such features on their devices. Also on managed devices this can be a part of policy. Apps (user or system) with admin rights can also do that. – Irfan Latif Dec 2 '19 at 13:12
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    completely surprised: my phone is reconfigured, I opened google photos to enable backup, and suddenly I have all my photos back... – DutchArjo Dec 3 '19 at 10:53

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