I have a lot of images I want to send from my phone to an email. I had in the past some error messages about emails being too big, so this time I sent in most emails 3 pics, which all queued in the outbox, and about 3 emails got through after a while. But now I have more than a day 20 emails in the outbox and it seems that nothing is happening. So my questions are:

  1. Whats going wrong?
  2. Is there anything I can do? (beside sending via BT to a computer, and email from there)

I have tried:

  • Leaving the phone with open Wi-Fi connection all night
  • Rebooting the phone (and leave another night with Wi-Fi)
  • Checked at google's documentation and found out that they're limit is 25 MB per mail

Random info that might be relevant:

  1. All mails are going to the same person with the same subject, and no body - gmail could be blocking them because a misuse is suspected.
  2. I can surf the web as usual through the browser. No connection problems.
  3. Each image is about 3MB, so each mail has a total of 9 MB.
  4. There is exactly one email that has 4 images in it - not the first in the list.
  5. First email in the list has only 2 images (both smaller that 2.9 MB)
  6. I get notified about new emails I get.
  • I've had this problem before, very intermittent however so I don't have a solution. Uploads don't seem to work well...
    – Ben Brocka
    Apr 17, 2012 at 0:59
  • Did you check with Logcat when sending? Might be some error messages/warnings could indicate what's going on. If unused to this, aLogcat could prove helpful.
    – Izzy
    Aug 14, 2012 at 15:17

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I have the same problem, I think also for emails without attachments. The solution is to open the respective email. When I open it (by tapping on it in the Outbox), it gets sent within a few seconds (the caption goes from "Queued" to "Sending" to "Sent" or something like that within seconds).

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