Yet another occurrence of this when setting up a new phone, in this case a OnePlus 5 with the H2OS (Chinese) OS. I installed the current Oxygen OS official 9.0.9 from XDA, used the OnePlus transfer, and despite many strategies, could not get rid of this error. I tried:

Wiping the cache, other data in Google Play
Ditto other Google services
turned off WIFI, turned on, etc.
Reinstalled Google play
Installed Google APK from APK store

I had seen these elsewhere working for some folks.

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Finally the only thing that worked for me was doing a factory reset.
Hope one of these approaches works for others!
Having more potential solutions in your tool box increases your chances of success.

YMMV "Good luck, Jim!"


I have come up against this problem today, and have found a solution when everything I found online failed to fix it.

The problem I had was that all Google apps weren't working. Chrome would not load pages, I could not add an account (hung on Checking Info and eventually gave the error " There was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers"), GMail app would load but would not show emails etc.

I found that the version of Chrome I had was a long way behind. I went into Setting/Apps and disabled Chrome. This basically re-enabled Android System Webview, and at this point I could then re-add an account, Gmail and the Play Store started working. I could then use Play Store to re-enable and then update Chrome, which then worked too. If you want to, you can then go into Developer Mode and set Chrome back as the Webview Implementation.

I hope this helps someone avoid spending the hours I did on this issue!

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