I have a new Nokia 3.1. It immediately wanted to download updates, which it did successfully. Now I have a notification that I can't get rid of to "Complete setup by installing apps". When I touch it, I get thisenter image description here

I can't seem to deselect these. How do I NOT download them, and not be bothered by the offer any more?


It happened in my Samsung A30s - Android 9.0.

I installed the recommended apps, the notification of Complete setup by installing apps gone, and I uninstalled them again. I seems there is no easy way to get rid of that notification.


Solution found. Hold on the notification and turn off notifications from play store.


Try to switch over to mobile data and reboot your phone. Maybe this will hold off the auto-download from wifi.

You can also stop your updates by disabling auto-update in "Updates" section of "My apps and games".

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