If this question does not belong in Android please be kind enough to tell me where it does belong since I did find a whatsapp-messenger tag here and I thought this fits in Android Enthusiasts.

I do not understand why when I open web.whatsapp.com in a browser it takes so long to load. I have not seen this problem with any of my friends and I tried myself with a different account it does not take that long.

Here is a video that shows it takes a short time with one account and here is a video that takes a long time with my main account. It takes 15 seconds longer at least!

I thought it might be because my WhatsApp backup files are very big, but I believe many people should then have the same problem. I also tried on many different browsers, deleted my backups and reset them and even reinstalled the app.

I attached a picture of the WhatsApp files on my phone maybe that helps, I use google drive backup on both accounts.

size of backup shown in the files I can see on the phone

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