[The similar questions are related to other devices and I don't intend to do factory reset.]

I cannot see what is being 'shown' on the screen, only interact through fastboot or randomly touching the screen. The wifi is also working.

If I could enable debugging, I could use scrcpy to see and interact using mouse on a linux computer.

I suppose I can use fastboot to root/unlock/install apps. But I have no experience doing that. The only command I succeeded was this:

fastboot -s H7AZCY5468078HN oem device-info
(bootloader)    Device tampered: false
(bootloader)    Device unlocked: false
(bootloader)    Device critical unlocked: false
(bootloader)    Charger screen enabled: false
(bootloader)    Display panel: 
(bootloader)    Sysconf ssn: H7AZCY5468078HN
(bootloader)    Sysconf adb enable: 0
(bootloader)    Sysconf reboot reason: 0
(bootloader)    Sysconf isn: N0CZ1738MB0033372
OKAY [  0.110s]
finished. total time: 0.110s

Also, touch-guessing until enabling debug seems impossible in practice.

ps. My ASUS Zenfone Selfie Pro 4 graphics chip burned and the screen is completely blank after boot.



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