Using a Moto G Play with Android 7.1.1 installed. Whenever I type the word ie. (that is), this is auto-corrected to one of:


The auto-correction selected appears to be random (perhaps based on context). I would like to tell my phone to NOT auto-correct ie under any circumstances. If I meant to type or and accidentally typed ie...that one is on me!

Is there any way to adjust auto-correction by manually entering personalised phrases (such as into a dictionary)? I don't want to turn auto-correct off entirely.

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    Unrelated to the question, but the correct term is 'i.e.' (with period between 'i' and 'e')
    – Andrew T.
    Dec 16 '19 at 9:26

Add the word to your personal dictionary.If you are using Gboard:

  1. Go to its settings then Dictionary.
  2. Click on Personal dictionary
  3. Select a language or All languages if you want to add the word for every language.
  4. Click the + button.
  5. On "Type a word", enter ie.. Press the arrow to go back to the previous screen. (You can enter a shortcut for the word if you want but with your word being so short I don't think it is necessary).

For now on ie. will appear when you type and will not be auto-corrected.

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