I only buy phones through the bazaar.
Great price, but risk.
Currently I can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
During his testing I found a strange non-response to the touch.
This may be because the phone has protective glass on it.
However, I have not encountered such behavior in previous Samsung Galaxy Note phones with protective glass. All of the previous Galaxy Note which I tried responded correctly to the touch even after the protective glass was glued.
Therefore, in this case, I suspect that the display has been replaced.
But the seller says he hasn't been changed.

For this reason, I would like to find out, without disassembling the phone, whether the phone has ever been opened, whether any parts have been replaced and whether original or non-original spare parts have been used.
I am especially interested in the screen(display).

I know the phone can be tested with a secret code.
For Samsung phones it's #0#
As far as I know, this menu does not provide information about hardware intervention.

I searched the internet, but without a satisfactory solution.
I found only advice based on estimates.

Please, do you know of any solution?
An app, device log, or something else.

  • there is one or more sealed screws on each device – alecxs Dec 20 '19 at 10:59

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