The problem in a non rooted Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone:

  • No internet access on cellphone wireless settings
  • No internet access on cellphone mobile data setting
  • only working Whatsapp or Google Duo

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The cause

[INFO] Creating Dynamic Analysis Environment
[ERROR] Error Running ADB Command
[INFO] Android Version identified as 8.0
[INFO] Environment MobSFyed Check
[WARNING] This Android instance is not MobSfyed.
MobSFying the android runtime environment
[INFO] Android Version identified as 8.0
[ERROR] Make sure a Genymotion Android x86instance is running
[INFO] Installing MobSF RootCA
[ERROR] Error Running ADB Command
[INFO] Installing MobSF Clipboard Dumper
[ERROR] Error Running ADB Command
[INFO] MobSFying Completed!
[INFO] Starting HTTPs Proxy on 1337
[INFO] Enabling ADB Reverse TCP on 1337
[INFO] Setting Global Proxy for Android VM
[INFO] Starting Clipboard Monitor
[INFO] Getting screen resolution
[INFO] Testing Environment is Ready!
  • As non rooted device, MobSF fails ([ERROR] Error Running ADB Command) but it succedded in changing the global proxy setting ([INFO] Setting Global Proxy for Android VM)

The solution

adb shell settings put global http_proxy :0
  • In spite of the wifi configuration or mobile data configuration (through APN) is set to proxy none, this global configuration is onlye change through adb shell

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