Is there a way to display full screen video on Android TV on a wide screen 21:9 monitor?

I'm using the Xiaomi Mi box, if that's relevant in any way, as my understanding is that it must be a feature supported by the OS, not hardware.

This is a screenshot showing the problem. Android tv wide screen display


Clunky workarounds

Given that there is no support on the OS side, here is a the workaround applicable only for local/LAN and network-streamable 21:9 videos that can be opened with VLC (or kodi):

  1. In the monitor settings on-screen menu accessible via the physical buttons on the display select Ratio -> Wide — this will distort the UI and stretch everything to take the full display width.
  2. Open the video file/URL in VLC and in the three-dot menu repeatedly tap Resize until the FILL mode is selected. Given that VLC can browse LAN hosts over samba/FTP/SFTP/FTPS/NFS this can cover some but not all use cases.

Kodi can also be configured to change the video aspect ratio for videos so a similar effect can be achieved via the cogwheel click -> Video Settings -> View Mode.

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