That means the device ID, and IMEI and every information the app would be able to gather would be what I've pre-set.

It would, for all intents and purposes, be as if it's installed on a different phone and it wouldn't know anything about the phone where it's actually installed in.

Obviously this will require a phone to be rooted, which is the case already.

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  • Read identifiers (fake build serial number, Android ID, advertising ID, GSF ID)

  • Read network data (hide cell info, Wi-Fi networks, fake Wi-Fi network name)

  • Read telephony data (fake IMEI, MEI, SIM serial number, voicemail number, etc)

  • Read account name (fake name, mostly e-mail address)

  • You can also use this Magisk module MagiskHide Props Config in addition to Xprivacy Lua if needed as a supplement . Primary purpose of the module is different and it is less potent compared to Xprivacy Lua because it is a Magisk module and unlike Xprivacy Lua cannot hook into app API's. I haven't used it , instead use Xprivacy Lua

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